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Mark Marnikovic is a UK based film editor with over 13 years of experience. During his studies he started working as an assistant editor and since then he is in the film industry. His numerous editorial credits involve prime time TV series, feature films, trailers and short films. He is known for his technological mastery and  hardworking, modest nature. Because of his fast and creative editing skills he can handle tight deadlines and complex situations with ease and get the very best out of the footage. Mark is an easy going editor who likes to collaborate with other departments and look out for their interests. Working on award-winning projects with finest directors and producers, he is familiar with the balance between giving alternatives and taking initiatives. Although he has a tight schedule, his passion for cinema and teaching always leads him to help film students and young filmmakers with their projects in his free time.

Growing up in a multilingual family he speaks English, Turkish, Greek, Italian and conversational French. He is Italian, married, has a daughter and a golden retriever named Otto.